As you browse through the archives, you might notice that some of the characters look different from year to year (or even comic to comic!!). They might even change names slightly or evolve into different characters.  TFBC started off slightly based on some comics I did in college and eventually took on a life of its own. So I apologize in advance for any inconsistencies you see in previous comics.

Dr. Sharpenflatte Mr. Sharpenflatte is band director for the Cedar Springs High School Marching Band. He’s your typical band director – passionate about the music but the ultimate in band nerdiness. He’s always trying to stay ahead of the students antics – most of the time failing!
Mr. Culdesac Mr. Culdesac is the assistant band director, and like Mr. Sharpenflatte, just tries to survive the band’s daily onslaught. He’s got a sarcastic sense of humor.
Buster Buster Bulldog is the “star” of Tales From Band Camp. He plays
the bassoon and gives out commentary about what’s going on with the CSHS Marching Band.
Tom Tom Katte keeps a low profile, but it’s kind of hard for him to do so when he’s the drum major!
Katherine You know that crazy clarinet freshman in your band that’s gung-ho to the extreme about band? And maybe a little insecure? That’s Katherine.
Daphne People have always commented about how an oboe sounds just like a duck, so it’s appropriate for Daphne to play the oboe! She’s always featured during concert pieces, and it always seems like nothing goes right for her solos.
Kevin Yep, there’s always an arrogant trumpet player in the bunch. Kevin fills that role to a “T.”
Rick Is there anything that’s more relaxed than a saxophone section? Rick is first chair alto sax and would be just fine with a slow, easy-going pace.
Beth Beth is first chair flute and also section leader in the marching band. She plays piccolo as well. She takes band VERY seriously and makes sure her section is in tip-top shape!
Sparky isn’t really a character in the comic strip, but he’s the mascot for the Cedar Springs High School Whirlwinds. I just thought it’d be neat to make up a logo for the high school – whose colors are navy blue and red, BTW. In case you were wondering.