Tales From Band Camp: The Arrival

Tales From Band Camp: The Arrival is the first compilation of TFBC comics available in book form. In addition to the comics you can see on the website (which have been given a facelift), you’ll also find a history of TFBC, a fourteen page comic EXCLUSIVE to the book (meaning you won’t find it anywhere else!), and new “You Know You’re a Band Nerd When…” additions to the series (also only found in print!). Get yours now, or buy it as a gift! TFBC: The Arrival would make a great gift for your favorite band director, band student, or lessons teacher.

Where can I order TFBC: The Arrival? You can get it directly from Lulu.com for $14.99:
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TFBC: The Arrival is now available for download in PDF format for only $5.00!

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TFBC: The Arrival is now available at Pecknel Music Stores with locations in Greenville,
Columbia, and Charleston, SC!

What’s TFBC: The Arrival‘s ISBN number? 978-1-4116-0841-2

Can I order it through Amazon.com? Yep, here’s the link for it!

What about Barnes & Noble? Yep, click here!

Can I order it from my local bookstore? Sure! You’ll need to give the store the ISBN number (see above), and they should be able to order it for you.

Are you going to sell autographed copies? Yes! I usually have them available around holiday and graduation time.  You can order one at this time.

Can I sell TFBC Books at my local band competition or festival as a fundraiser? Yes, you can. Just go to Lulu.com’s TFBC page, and input what quantity you would like to order. Discount pricing is built into their ordering

If you have any further questions regarding TFBC: The Arrival, send me a note! I’ll update this page with more information as it becomes available!

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