(Taken from the book Tales From Band Camp: The Arrival):

The comic Tales From Band Camp was officially born in 1993. I put together a small booklet of Buster Bulldog band comics and passed them out to the University of Georgia Redcoat band members at one of the practices. I made a grand total of two issues! Some of the jokes in those issues made their way into early TFBC comics.  TFBC first appeared on the World Wide Web in April of 1996. I was just starting off in “the real world” after graduating from the University of Georgia in 1995. Even though I didn’t major in computing, I soon became a computer geek and wanted to know everything I could about the internet, which was just starting to enter the public’s eye around that time. Mostly I was excited about the potential of “publishing” my band comics to the general public without going through traditional ways.

Originally TFBC started off featuring a college band. You can find the original comic here.  As you can see, there are some elements like the graduate assistant, the secretary, and the “beer” comment (sorry parents!) that would be obviously part of a college environment rather than a high school one.  Eventually TFBC morphed into a high school band, and the characters slowly gained names and personalities over time. I still like to think of TFBC as a work in progress.

TFBC even has its own book!